2A AP Government 4-13-20

Today I wanted to go over the topics that were covered in the first unit. This unit is the Foundations of American Democracy. The topics covered in this unit are:

  • Ideals of Democracy
  • Types of Democracy
  • Challenges of the Articles of Confederation
  • Government Power and Individual Rights
  • Ratification of the Constitution
  • Principles of the US Constitution
  • The Relationship Between the the States and the Federal Government
  • Foundations of American Democracy

The first thing I would do is look at this list and then write down everything that comes to your mind down on a sheet of paper. Then go to your textbook and see what things you might not have on your list. Start looking over the things that you did not have on your list.

The second thing I would do is determine which principles of government are being focused on in this unit. When you are constructing your answer for the exam you should address which principle of government would be present within your answer.

The next step would be to create a list of 10 – 15 vocabulary words that apply specifically to this unit. You should not just know the word but be able to incorporate that word into a discussion. You should also know the definition well enough to be able to use it in a different context or as a compression and contrast.



  • Review Outline
  • Create a bullet list of everything that comes to your mind for each subtopic
  • Read the chapter in the text and identify the things not on your list
  • Start studying the things not on your list
  • Create a list of vocabulary
  • Identify main principles of government
  • Think of ways to use the vocabulary as examples to support an answer.
  • Take online practice test until you can get an 85%.
  • Contact Mr. Montano if you need help or clarification

I am including a link to the Khan Academy resource on this unit. This is an excellent place to go and review because it does the great job of covering all the material and has self-quizzes you can take to see how well you are doing.

Khan Academy Resources


Review Videos to Watch

Flash Cards





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