April 15, 2020 Comments are off Mr. M

April 15-16, 2020

I hope your weeks is off to a good start. Today we will be having an online discussion to talk about the material posted on Monday/Tuesday.

Today’s topic will be focusing on the follwoing:

AP US Government class– Review material for Unit 1 and talk about test stratagies for the upcoming AP US Government exam.

US Government classes – We will looking a the media and how they cover politics. Is there a bias in the news, if so what does it look like. Is there really such a thing as fake news? What is the role of the press? How is it protected? What are the limits of the press?

Please look over the materials posted on Monday/Tuesday f you have not had a chance to already.

To access the online material click on the following links:

AP Government – Unit 1 Review

US Government – Media and Politics


To join the class discussion you just need to click on your classes link below. In order to participate in the discussions you will need to be logged into your class account. If you do not remember the account login or password, you can email me and I will send them to you.

If you have questions you would like to ask me, but do not want to ask it in the class discussion, please email me and I will answer your questions.

Mr. Montano

Click on your class to enter the group discussion.

Mon/Wed Thu/Fri
2A – AP US Government – 10:45a – 11:15a 1B – US Governmnet – 10:00a – 10:30a
3A – US Governmnet – 11:30a – 12:00p 2B – US Governmnet – 10:45a – 11:15a
4A – US Governmnet – 12:30p – 1:00p Office Hours – Friaday 10:00


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