Kanye West polling at 2% nationwide against Trump and Biden more than a month since announcing bid

Washington Times –  Kanye West continues to poll at 2% among U.S. voters, a new survey revealed Wednesday, more than a month since the billionaire rapper and mogul announced his presidential campaign.

Conducted this past Sunday and Monday, the nationwide poll asked 1,983 registered voters about how they would vote if the presidential election was held now instead of November.

Only 2% of respondents — 33 people in all — told pollsters they would rather cast their ballot for Mr. West than President Trump or presumptive Democratic nominee Joseph R. Biden.

Forty-nine percent of respondents said they would vote for Mr. Biden, 40% said they would vote for Mr. Trump, and 9% said they did not know who they would pick or had no opinion.

The national tracking poll was conducted by Morning Consult for Politico and has a margin of error of plus or minus 2 percentage points, according to the pollster.

Mr. West, 43, announced he was running for president on July 4, effectively missing the deadline for him to appear on the ballot as an independent in many states this fall.

A nationwide poll of 2,000 registered voters conducted days later by Redfield & Wilton Strategies found that only 2% of respondents said they would consider voting for Mr. West, who has previously expressed his support for Mr. Trump.

It has since emerged that Republican operatives have assisted with trying to get Mr. West on the ballot in several states. Mr. Trump has denied involvement.

Arkansas Secretary of State John Thurston said Tuesday that Mr. West will appear on the ballot there this fall after submitting more than the 1,000 signatures needed to qualify.

More recently, The New York Times reported Wednesday morning that Mr. West met privately last weekend in Colorado with Jared Kushner, Mr. Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law.

The White House offered no immediate reaction to The Times report.

Mr. West has previously qualified to appear on the ballots in Oklahoma and Colorado, and he is currently fighting to appear in Wisconsin, The Associated Press reported this week.

Forty-nine percent of people said they heard about Republicans helping the West campaign, Morning Consult reported Wednesday. Fifty-one said they heard not much or nothing at all.

Mr. West is married to reality TV star Kim Kardashian West.

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  • purple lime

    Simply because of the fact that Kanye is a running as an independent third party, it is practically guaranteed he won’t be elected this year even if republican’s aid him. Our current election system is built for only two major parties to have any chance of winning the election. I see this as problematic, and I believe the election system should be updated to allow multiple parties. This would allow voters to be able to cast their vote for a candidate that more accurately represents their wishes instead of having to choose between only two. Our voting system pits two opposites together which leaves to everyone whose candidate didn’t win very unhappy, leaving little room for a little room. An ideal voting system, such as a ranked voting system, would allow more people to end up satisfied with the election result where maybe your first choice didn’t win, but at least your second choice did instead of your last choice. Regardless of his chances, as per the article, most people view Kanye’s campaign as an entertaining notion rather than a serious choice. Most who would vote for him are either fans of his, or looking to make a statement by voting. They are unlikely to vote for him because he represents their views on topics.

    • 4:22 pm - August 12, 2020

  • Eggrallz

    I don’t really think that Kanye has a fighting chance at winning the election this year, as he is running as a independent third party. Not only is he running as a independent thrid party candidate, he also didnt start running until July 4th of this year, which makes his odds even worse. The reason this makes his odds worse is because as stated in the artical “effectively missing the deadline for him to appear on the ballot as an independent in many states this fall”. I would also say that anyone who does vote for Kanye is just a fan of him/his music and thats why they vote for him not because they agree with what he says.

    • 6:46 pm - August 12, 2020

  • GusYeager

    Kanye West running for president has to be a signal of the end of days. Everyone jokes about it, but he is polling at about the same level as some third party candidates have in the past. Kanye West, the rapper, is making a presidential bid, and he has relatively significant amounts of support. Kanye by himself is an outlier, but then I considered the fact that our current president is the star of a reality show. I looked at Kanye’s presidential platform, and he is wary of the COVID vaccine, citing that vaccines are “the mark of the beast”. Do we really want someone who is against a coronavirus vaccine running our country during this pandemic? I am utterly amazed he’s being given this level of attention and thought.

    • 9:33 pm - August 12, 2020

  • qwerty

    It never did seem as though Kanye West would amass any significant proportion of the vote during the general election, this being because he was both a third-party candidate and had no prior political experience. It seems as though his seemingly haphazard campaign may be more of a planned effort to assist Trump in the general election as he had come out in support of Trump earlier in his campaign. With him being such a large, influential black figure, his run may be a way to take a proportion of the black vote away from Biden. This would make extra sense given that Republicans were purported to be assisting West in his campaign.

    • 10:39 pm - August 12, 2020

  • 112358

    Sadly, Kanye West’s campaign may be a parallel to Gary Johnson’s campaign in the 2016 election. Kanye may serve to peel off voters. Gary Johnson got roughly 3% of the popular vote in 2016, a percent strikingly similar to West’s This brings up the question, who would Kanye hurt more? The likely answer is Biden, because Kanye could attract young voters and black voters who otherwise might have voted for Biden. The fact that third party candidates serve as a diversion for voters is one of the great failures of the United States democracy. This issue could be remedied through rank order voting or, more radical, eliminating winner takes all. Kanye certainly has no change of winning the election, but his presence on the ballot could be incredibly influential on the history of the U.S. With the Democratic party seemingly divided, West’s name on the ballot could aid Trump in getting re-elected.

    • 10:50 pm - August 12, 2020

  • PostMaloneOfficial

    I remember seeing the memes and hearing people jokingly talk about “Kanye 2020.” I don’t think anyone thought he was actually going to run. In my opinion, his running just seems like a way out for people who don’t like Trump or Biden. I believe this is harmful to Biden because (from personal experience) Trump supporters are for the most part, die-hard supporters. These MAGA fans are going to vote for Trump no matter what. Most democrats aren’t very excited about Biden’s running, so they could be iffy on whether they want to vote for Biden or not. This could lead to them just choosing Kanye as a way out, so to say.

    • 12:23 pm - August 14, 2020