UNM weighs COVID-19 vaccination mandate to return to campus

Santa Fe New Mexican – The University of New Mexico may require students and staff to be vaccinated for COVID-19 to return to campus in the fall.

The university on Monday posted a proposed vaccine requirement along with a statement on its plans to return to in-person instruction and regular campus activities.

The university said it was seeking comment on the proposed requirement.

The requirement would apply to students and staff “unless they have been granted a reasonable accommodation,” the proposal said.

In Las Cruces, New Mexico State University officials encourage everyone to get the vaccine but haven’t decided to require students and employees to be vaccinated, university spokesman Justin Bannister told the Albuquerque Journal.

Numerous other colleges and universities nationwide have announced vaccination requirements.

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  • Fajada_Sunrise

    What I am curious about is what the “special accommodations” entirely entails. As we’ve discovered with the rise of the Anti-Vax movement how is it determined that you can be exempt from a vaccine? Also, how can the state be sure to vaccine all of the students/staff that don’t have a special accommodation before the start of classes?

    • 1:51 pm - May 6, 2021

  • Velocirapstar7703!

    To put a mandate on vaccination for students and staff of The University of New Mexico sounds promising as it contains the potential to demonstrate excellent results. If students and staff members are required to be vaccinated to attend the University of New Mexico in person, it will dramatically decrease the possibility of outbreaks and individuals being stuck with COVID-19. My sister for the time being is currently attending the University of New Mexico and I would be most glad to see if this announcement would come to fruition in the future.

    • 7:54 am - May 7, 2021

  • something that is anonymous

    I agree with the UNM’s decision. This not only will make the campus safer, but incentivizing more people to take the vaccine drastically reduses the spread. Hopefully more things like this will make us get back to normal by the end of the year.

    • 9:19 am - May 7, 2021

  • rain

    I think that a vaccination requirement is reasonable to keep both the students and the staff safe. But most importantly there are exceptions for reasonable accommodation. I would like to know more about who is able to get these accommodations and whether or not it will allow for the majority of students to get the vaccination requirement.

    • 9:25 am - May 7, 2021

  • Serendipity

    I personally agree with having a vaccine mandate. I think it is important for people’s safety not only for themselves but also for the people who can not get the vaccine. I am concerned about what special circumstances would allow a person to not get the vaccine if it is for reasons other than of health reasons. I do to think these special reasons not to get the vaccine should be broad, but rather limited so that most people still do end up getting the vaccine.

    • 9:46 am - May 7, 2021

  • Bunny03

    I think that the vaccination requirement is a great idea because it will keep people healthy along with stopping the spread of covid. This decision is a big step forward to going back to normal.

    • 9:59 am - May 7, 2021

  • RMS

    In my opinion, receiving the vaccine before being able to go to the university is a fairly smart idea, however, I am not sure about it being required for every single person. There may be some complications that could prevent the staff, teacher, or student to get the vaccine. I do believe that if there is nothing that is preventing the person to receive their vaccine, they should definitely do it.

    • 10:19 am - May 7, 2021

  • ChiliChimichanga

    I think that this mandate is a valid and beneficial one. The only way that this mandate will help, however, is if the vast majority of quarantine-related restrictions and guidelines are repealed. If everyone is vaccinated, then I’m having difficulty seeing why masks should remain required on campus.

    • 10:33 am - May 7, 2021

  • Mikasa

    They are debating on making getting the covid vaccine a requirement. I’m curious on how their student would react if it did become a requirement. Also if everyone is vaccinated, would you still need to wear masks on campus and follow other campus rules? I do think it would be a good idea for everyone to get vaccinated but it also goes against some peoples cultural and religious views so how would they work around that?

    • 12:09 pm - May 7, 2021

  • Cheese

    While I think everyone who can get the vaccine should get it, I know that many people have concerns about getting it. I think that UNM should consider just giving all the students the opportunity to get the vaccine and then open the school. At that point I think that everyone is responsible if they did not get the vaccine and get Covid-19 and will have to deal with the consequences.

    • 1:43 pm - May 7, 2021

  • kirari

    I think that this requirement is good, but special accommodations to not get the vaccine should not just be “I’m concerned about getting the vaccine” and should only be for people who are immunocompromised and can’t get it or allergic to the vaccine or it goes against their religious beliefs.

    • 9:29 pm - May 9, 2021

  • NotMeLol

    I think it’s a good idea to require people to get the vaccine and show up to in person school. Teachers are going to be able to go back to teaching the way they were before, and the students will be able to experience all that college has to offer.

    • 9:51 am - May 10, 2021

  • TDbaseball

    I think that there should not be a vaccine mandate at any university. If you were denied of getting your education that you paid for, or earned through scholarships, because of something you don’t feel comfortable getting how would you feel? Online school might be the option for them, but I also think that online school is 10 times harder to learn from.

    • 9:59 am - May 10, 2021

  • i.am.a.brick.

    I believe the requirement is reasonable for students, teachers, and staff to return to campus for the fall semester. However, “a reasonable accommodation” may have its negatives. I can understand how it gives the people some type of freedom if they have some sort of negative thing happening to them, like being allergic to a specific item in the vaccine, however, there may be people who will not have a good reason to avoid the vaccine, or those who could be in danger of the vaccine may not have a good enough reason for schools to accommodate them. What is a “reasonable accommodation?” What resonates as a “reasonable accommodation” and what doesn’t?

    • 10:15 am - May 10, 2021

  • SuddenlyPineaples

    I believe that a requirement vaccine is a smart thing to do. Having the majority of people on campus vaccinated would allow students to return to classes as normal and would provide a safe working environment for both students and staff. However, I am curious about what they would consider “special accommodations”. I would hope that it would be a more difficult process to get those accommodations so that people can’t cheat their way in without getting a vaccine.

    • 10:29 am - May 10, 2021

  • labraham_incoln

    I support requiring vaccines. It can get students back in school to resume real learning sooner without risking another outbreak. However, there may be an issue with this since it is requiring individuals to give information about their medical history. I think it is reasonable however, since its only a small part of one’s medical history, and is just a yes or no on whether one has been vaccinated, not detailed personal information. We all got vaccine cards after getting vaccinated, so it would be very simple and convenient to check for this. This also offers incentive to more people to get vaccinated so they can return to campus, which is a good thing.

    • 10:34 am - May 10, 2021